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Daniel Philip Henney, 36 , is a heartthrob for all women. This Korean origin and American bred guy is very popular worldwide, but what we don’t know is about his love life.He’s an American actor, model who has starred in many popular movies like X-men: Wolverine , Big Hero 6, Seducing Mr. He has still managed to keep his lady love a secret which his fans are dying to know.

Even, if he can’t head to the gym, he makes sure that he jogs for half an hour every day.

Also, he tries to eat as healthy as possible and makes it a point to drink a lot of water.

"Sam-soon" is an old-fashioned name, and in Korean literally means "30 years", the exact age of the female protagonist.

The romantic comedy-drama series was a huge hit, with an average viewership rating of 37.6%, and its peak rating of 50.5% makes it the 26th highest rated Korean drama of all time.

Henney is signed with DNA Models in New York under the celebrity-division.

"Clean-cut features, killer body, innocent smile, a perfect combination of West and East, His name is Daniel Henney. It is part of "the song in praise of Daniel" which is gaining popularity on the internet.He later learned the language and appeared on a few variety shows, such as Family Outing.Henney was a part of an academic scandal in which many sources stated that he had an Economics degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, while in actuality he had no college degree.Sam Soon was the most popular Korean drama in 2005; although Henney was starring as the supporting actor, his performance and look was widely noticed.Henney then starred in another drama “Spring Waltz” in 2006.According to the sources, Daniel Henney started dating Maggie Q, another fellow Korean actress in 2005 but soon ended it up.