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Had the idea for a whatsapp group chat with some nice people, it'll be an amazing chance to meet some new people from all over the world just like that!

I don't know if there will be any interest in this and i just wanted to test the water to see if there was!

All ages, all genders, any hobbies, any interests, if anyone's interested pm me or comment, whatever, the reason I'm doing this is because it's new hopes and I'm sure that other people will be alone that day, maybe we could all have a chat, I myself like heavy metal, anime, and gaming, I'm 15/m/uk :) (also say what you prefer kik or whatsapp) :p EDIT: If it takes time for me to add you it's because timezones, and I need sleep, also there is now 20 people in the group!need friends who are girls only will auto block guys because am a male of age 17 teenage girls from 15-18 give me a text via 23324-1627-380 Hi there any one who wants fun can wattsapp me on 0838-7055-40 any age whites onley White Couple.Last cammed four months ago, but was camming sexually since I was around fourteen. It's not uncommon for a character's own personality to overpower my own. *Mainly due to the camming, I DO NOT trust well or have that great of a viewpoint on men. I've got Skype, Whatsapp, and a cellphone for all Canadians. *Long distance relationship with a guy I've never met. Now, I should probably try and make a vague attempt at studying for my math test..... so if any one of you want to make my friendship on whatsapp then ok, no problem to tell me your whstapp number. My sense of humour is different, so expect shitty puns, weird but dank memes and much more. I am open to meeting all types of people from anywhere :) hi i wanna make friends with top guys..i'd like to be your friend on whatsapp. beautiful and kind man..i like old ones 51 948543693 i wait for your friendship and something else, so, please add me on your whatsapp. sumit Delhi, India priya whatsapp me nine nine 538 nine 3328 Koi ladki ya bhabhi hai, jisko masti karni hai (secretly, ya pati ki marzi se), to Whats App ya call karo - O987IO5875O halo priya kyaa aap mujhse dosti karogi my name Dinesh Kumar my whatsapp no. If you have a smartphone, no matter the year it was made, chances are Whats App can be installed on it.

My current obsession is Fallout 4, but don't worry we can talk about any game. So HMU in a PM with your deets and maybe a small description. Some real girl whastap number who want to be your friend just for chat, but not dirty chat. This site provide you lot's of real whatsapp girl number for chat. i like girls panties and wow thongs look so hot i hv collection of pics... Personally, I find other messaging apps to be a lot more reliable and have many more features. What others have said here are accurate but also Whats App is quite popular for two other reasons, particularly in developing countries: It's available on every smart device out there, even on older Nokia and Blackberry smartphones.

To buy a computer, as well as having an Internet plan for your home can be quite expensive, that is to say even if it's available in your area.

Cell phone coverage however is a much different story, where coverage is almost everywhere in populated areas of a country, and smartphone data plans are much more affordable, for example while working in India I had unlimited 2G data for less than a month, which Whats App is surprisingly efficient with.

So these are the many reasons why Whats App was popular, ironically when Facebook bought it (which was a very defensive purchase and an easy way to enter the developing world demographic but that's another topic) popularity for it surged, especially in developed countries where the major messaging platforms were Facebook Messenger and i Message.

Source: Started a nonprofit organization in Nepal/India tackling the issue of Internet availability in developing countries, did research in regards to it. Hi guys, I just got done with exams, and now things have slowed down quite a bit.

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