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The modern Messianic movement has evolved through five specific periods of recent history.

One of the great differences between them and most Messianics is their belief of non-separation from the Jewish community and the authority of the Rabbis.Although they hold the New Testament teachings as authoritative, there remain many details in Biblical Law which violate oral tradition, as well as the written Torah.God's plan of redemption not only saves us from damnation, it also restores the damage that was caused by sin.We believe in the biblical principle of restoration., which answers that question, which many Christians ask regarding the Gentiles’ role in Israel’s revival.

Find out why standing with Israel is not only important, it’s a biblical mandate.‣ Gospel of מתתיהו ("Mattityahu"; "Gift of God")/מתי ("Mattay")/"Matthew", ‣ Gospel of Marcus/Μαρκοϲ ("Markos")/"Mark", ‣ Gospel of Lucas/Λουκᾶς ("Loukas")/"Luke", and ‣ Gospel of יהוחנן ("Yehochanan"; "God has been gracious")/יוחנן ("Yochanan")/"John". Stern has produced a Messianic Jewish version of the Bible called the Complete Jewish Bible."Torah" refers to the first five books of the Bible.The Torah contains the 613 commandments of the Covenant between God and Israel.Some Messianic congregations and synagoges hold that for Jews, whether they are Messianic or not, Torah observance is covenantally obligatory, for Gentiles it is not.Jewish Voice Ministries is happy to announce the fifth extraordinary volume in Jonathan Bernis’ Confessing the Hebrew Scripturesseries: Adonai Roee – The Lord My Shepherd Read More One of your favorite guests returns to inspire you about the treasures found in God’s Word.