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It will activate the browser's default speaker choice (which is often dictated by your Operating System) initially, but then populate the option menu to every speaker device available.

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Roll20’s in-browser video and voice feature doesn’t require any plugins or widgets to install in order to use your microphone/webcam to communicate with other players in a game.Instead, we utilize a component, called Web RTC (Web Real-Time Communication), to natively run in your Chrome or Firefox browser.A dialog box will appear along the very top of your browser screen. Note that you can click the little camera icon located in the far-right of your address bar to change the settings of what camera/microphone is being used.A dialog box will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the browser, choose which webcam or microphone devices you would like to use and then click on the Allow button.Once at least two people log into the same game using any Broadcast settings beyond None, Roll20 will initiate the process to activate your webcam and/or microphone and attempt to connect everyone in the game into a call.

If this is your first time utilizing this feature, you should see a dialog box along the top of your screen that asks you to give permission for Roll20 to use your webcam and/or microphone. Unless this is changed, Roll20 will try to automatically connect a call when at least two users launch the game.Web RTC is an HTML5 high-definition, peer-to-peer VOIP service.It's also adaptive so it works well with low-bandwidth connections.(This feature is not available for the Legacy version of Roll20 Web RTC) If you have multiple microphone and webcam devices connected to your computer, you are able to specifically choose which ones you want to use for broadcasting and receiving video and audio.In the Video Audio Chat Options section are drop down menus for Audio Output Source (your chosen speaker device), Audio Input Source (your chosen microphone device), and Video Input Source (your chosen webcam device).In this situation, you can change your settings to only receive audio and not video to save on bandwidth.