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Candy wants to show me a new photo of a crouching blank panther she has just put up, so we walk over to check it out.

New people stroll in and Candy greets them with a wave and an enthusiastic "Hi!!!

As Sandy Stone tells us, "even in the age of the techno-social subject, life is lived through bodies." How then how can we understand embodiment in a culture fascinated with supposedly cerebral and ethereal cyberspaces?

Williams and Gillian Bendelow as they review both classic and contemporary sociological works in search of foundations for a new "embodied sociology." In other words, although the body has been emerging as a topic of more serious inquiry in recent scholarship, it remains a highly elusive concept.

As social theory shakes off the remnants of Cartesian dualism which dominated the discussion on embodiment for centuries, new developments in medical science and communication and information technology pose additional challenges to an idea of the body already rendered fragmented, fluid, multiple and contested in poststructuralist study.

In the flurry of recent research on new media and communication technologies, scholars such as Howard Rheingold, Sherry Turkle and Stephen G.

Jones have written extensively on how participants use environments such as Internet relay chat (IRC) platforms, Multi-User Dimensions (MUDs and MOOs), bulletin boards, newsgroups, and other electronic forums to communicate with others who are not physically co-present.

Most studies of interaction online thus far have been conducted in text-based communities, but I was interested to see how embodiment would be understood in a setting that allows for visual representations of bodies in motion, navigating the scene of interaction and even engaging in "physical" contact with one another.

The rise of graphical interfaces for Internet interaction provide new, engaging settings for broaching questions of bodies as yet largely unstudied despite the move towards graphical real-time interaction for chat, computer gaming, business applications and educational software.Instead of bumping theories of the body up against borders of skin and bone, an arguably more useful imagining of the body is the stretchy project of being bodied.If the body can be conceptualized as encompassing the sounds and smells it makes, "personal space" or any other extension beyond epidermal limits, embodiment must instead be thought of as a flexible performance that can be extended via technology." as she tells me that she wants me to try on an outfit. I test out the dress, which is white with a trim of blue at the hem. One guy in a suit and tie is especially appreciative and starts making suggestive comments. He gathers that I am not interested, for a few minutes later he is dancing with two German-speaking girls in a corner. I slowly get up from my desk, stretch my limbs, and head downstairs with my coffee, now gone ice-cold.After chatting a few more minutes, I say my good-byes to Candy and the others crowded onto the couch near me. The quiet of my house now seems pleasant and I linger a few minutes. "The body is both everywhere and nowhere in social theory today." So declare Simon J.Budget friendly multi-backdrop show packages are available.