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Follow the dating profile tips below and you’ll put up an eye-catching dating profile which will not only make you more appealing to women but will increase your response rates and help you get more dates. You'll stand out when doing so because most men just list what they enjoy.

I liked and sent a message to this girl a few months back.

At first I didn't hear anything so I just kinda forgot about it and moved on.

Went out on a date with a girl, I though the date went really well.

She spoke a lot and answered all my questions with a lot of verbose responses, seemed really excited to be there, didn't touch her phone once.

I have some slight social anxiety, and I'm really uncomfortable in this situation, but I'm wondering if this is normal and just something I haven't had happen yet?

Would you go and check it out, or send an email declining? I've been out of the dating game for several years, and this is my first month back on a site.

She spoke a lot and answered all my questions with interesting responses, seemed really excited to be there. I got a text from her late in the evening saying she had a good time and wanted to meet again.

So I suggested some 2nd date ideas, some stuff we could do together, and she shot them all down. Not sure what's lovely about two people doing laundry. eg 1: Hi Hapless, It was great hanging out with you. eg 2: Hey Hapless, thanks for last night - was fun! I used to have A-List but deactivated it when it switched over to the "Tinder" format.

Fast forward to a week ago, this same girl liked me back but didn't respond to the message.

At this point I figure if she was gonna either respond or unmatch she would've by now, so I don't know -- do y'all think it would be weird to message her again?

Finally, out of idea,s I said well do you wanna come over to my place and play scrabble? Anyways, she came over, we started admiring my book collection and doing crosswords on the couch, then she left.