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The arms should point toward your face, similar to a mono Bluetooth headset.

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I was once a field biologist, lucky enough to call catching and identifying butterflies part of my job.As the white wings fluttered away for what felt like the hundredth time that day, I gave a resigned sigh. But mere moments later, I glanced down and there, resting gently on my sleeve, was the butterfly. Along with bees, hummingbirds, moths, wasps and beetles, they are pollinators whose small stature belies their importance.The buds also come with two additional sets of silicone ear tips and a micro USB cord.After wearing the Elite buds for over 2 hours, I can say that they are immensely comfortable. As soon as I put them in, the silicon ear tips created a nice secure seal, immediately muffling the old radiator in my bedroom as well as the grunts and clanks emanating from every corner of my gym.They fit comfortably in my ear, are designed to take a little abuse and are reasonably priced at 9.

They also sound great for a pair of wireless buds, last up to 5 hours on a charge and have a free companion app that lets you access a small treasure trove of functionality. , or rocking an ethereal crescent of light, like the Bragi Dash Pro.

After you hold down the button on each bud for 3 seconds, they power on and are ready to pair.

A female voice guides you through the pairing process, which is basically opening up your intended device's Bluetooth menu, selecting the buds and pairing. I placed my phone on the machine's console and got to work.

Get inspiration from the Xerces Society, or chat with experts at your local plant nursery. • Tell your friends and family about the importance of pollinators.

I am no longer out in the wilderness identifying butterflies for a living.

Our native flowering plants are key to healthy soils and clean air and water.