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Entitled Bum Rush, this latest offering is touted as "an eight-player car combat dating sim racing game." Indeed it is all the things.

The basic premise is ingenious: eight university student sharing a dorm each get texted for a booty call.

Play Bum Rush with a full set and you'll no doubt hear other players spouting lines like "I need a date!

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Now, two of Starmaid's ranks (Nina Freeman and Emmett Butler) have joined forces with a couple of other devs (Diego Garcia and Maxo) to make yet another game about college sex - only this one is a lighthearted arcade comedy.

What really elevates Bum Rush is that it transcends snickering sex humour into a sophisticated satire about young adulthood.

College kids really horny, and it's quite natural to harbour feelings of bitterness when you're single but most of your peers have dates.

One minute you may be moments away from sealing the deal with your lover only for a rival to intervene at the last moment, leaving you lonely, frantic and resentful as you cruise around looking for a kindred spirit (or three).

Of course Bum Rush's silly nature isn't gripping on a deep emotional level, nor should it be, but there's a thematic honesty to a bunch of young friends imprudently chasing their earthier desires, no matter the cost.

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