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It's incredibly powerful, and there are some quite good studies that have shown, even with a simple thing like a gratitude journal, and even just once a week, writing down five things weekly. But actually, the research has gone a little bit further as well, and it can actually help your physical health.There were some California psychologists who had a great study that showed, actually, it really massively improved personal well-being, and people felt much better. I think because of those improvements in your mental health, that can improve your sleep, and getting your sleep right can be a bit of a superpower.

In today's show, I discuss how to be a healthy writer with my co-author, Dr Euan Lawson. Euan is a British medical doctor and a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He's also my cowriter for “The Healthy Writer: Reduce Your Pain, Improve Your Health, and Build a Writing Career for the Long Term.” We're so excited to bring it to you, aren't we, Euan? I've done a lot of work as well with people who have addictions, in the past, particularly to alcohol, but heroin, crack, amphetamines, and people who inject drugs. I guess most of my writing has been medical in the past, and particularly related to those special interests as well, and about habits and addictions.We talk about why writing is great for your health, as well as the most common issues that writers face in terms of physical and mental health, plus we share our personal stories of pain and recovery – as well as my story of breaking sugar addiction. I've written for academic publications and textbooks.Speed Dating San Jose - If they do not like you, they would not take the time to respond to your messages or answer e-mails.This is one thing that makes singles Online Dating an excellent opportunity to find people who are really at the same timing as yours.I think there was a lot of stuff there I expected, which was back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain.

There was a lot about inactivity and not getting moving enough, and people who'd gained weight as a result, particularly if they'd gone into being writers full-time and had suddenly gained weight and could see, immediately, the problems that writing had given them.Participants will be asked to come to Henderson during the evening (date, TBD) for the Speed Dating Event.Participants will be filmed and asked to wear a Fit Bit-like watch to monitor heartrate, body temperature, skin conductance, etc.She's my regular companion, and she's the one that keeps me honest.Joanna: Yeah, which is awesome, and you have some lovely pictures of you running around the area, don't you? Joanna: We are, and we think it's a good book, and today we're going to tell you about it. and Australia and Canada, but in the rest of the world, it's not necessarily well-known, and we might be known as a specialist in family medicine or family physicians.