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Abandoned cars and rusted-out trailers dot the overgrown property; cows graze in a nearby paddock under the gathering shadow of pine-clad hills.

Softly-spoken and slight of build, Mr Dixon is a vegan who spends his days lecturing in anthropology at a local university.

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In the days that followed, the "alt-left" was thrust into the global spotlight by Mr Trump's denunciation of "both sides" in the Charlottesville tragedy.Among the Antifa ranks were "bad dudes", the President said, who used violence in the same fashion as those promoting neo-Nazi and white nationalist ideologies.Folger enjoys being on tour with his team and says there isn't anything like it.He's also worked with other recording artists such as G-Eazy, Rocky Fresh from MMG and many more. I pulled out some money and me and my friend, Justin, had a plug in New York to get jewelry, and then made an Instagram—just started re-selling stuff and then we brought in clothes and more people to the team.Along with the charges, there are calls from some who want Mr Dixon sacked from his job as a lecturer at the University of North Carolina.

Yet he says he has no regrets."I would definitely do it again," he says.The alleged driver was an avowed white nationalist.Police failed to intervene to stop the clashes and were later pilloried for their inaction.Also, make sure the readers know "Khalifa" drops on Feb. As the sun sets over rural North Carolina, Dwayne Dixon peers through black-rimmed glasses down the barrel of an AK-47.Dan Folger, 22, is a photographer out of Pittsburgh traveling the world and taking photos documenting everyday life.