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Hotels are reasonably priced, and this is no place to seek out cheap-and-cheerful rooms in the back of rowdy taverns. Major hotels have trustworthy staff but still use in-room safes, or the safety deposit boxes at reception.If you need a taxi during your visit, don’t hail one on the street.As a result, for anyone venturing beyond the boundaries of the efficient Jackson’s International Airport (8km from the city), there are a number of guidelines that will allow you to enjoy the place in relative safety. Some hotels offer free pick-ups, others charge a nominal fee and a few may add 50 kina (approximately US) to your bill. Hotel drivers are usually uniformed but if you feel uneasy about yours, call the hotel from the prominently signposted information booth in the arrival hall and check his identity.

Though a highly effective form of communication it does tend to amuse visitors, who encounter words such as bagarap for broken, sit haus for toilet, Though conventional wisdom would have you out of Port Moresby and into more appealing parts of the country as soon as possible, the city is not without its appeal to tourists.

For business travellers, there is no way to avoid the nation’s commercial and political hub.

Health, education and welfare are cash-strapped however, and corruption is not unusual.

But it’s the unique level of crime that sets this city apart.

Send us your Feedback / Letter to the Editor Still, all this talk can give the wrong impression.

I have met expatriates that have lived in Port Moresby for more than five years and not had direct contact with crime.The Cosmopolitan offers a members lounge inspired by the Super Clubs of Las Vegas and Miami with VIP Booths and Bottle Service to make you feel like a ROCKSTAR!A Luxury Club with modern décor and high quality fit out, The Cosmopolitan offers Private Functions, Bucks Nights, Wedding Parties, Club Parties and Business Functions. In this gallery you can download free PNG images: Girls PNG images free download, girl PNG, woman PNG In this gallery "Girls" we have 67 free PNG images with transparent background.The Cosmopolitan, the first and only Superclub in Papua New Guinea, bringing entertainment to a whole new dynamic level.The word girl is sometimes used to refer to an adult female, usually a younger one.