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For more, read our MHA overview and a technical summary of how MHA works. The map lets you search by address to see what MHA means for a specific property.

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To put MHA into effect, we need to make zoning changes that add development capacity and expand housing choices.For more than two years, we heard community input on the proposal to implement MHA. 繁體 // 한국어 // Español // Af-Soomali // Tagalog // Tiếng Việt Our interactive map shows how we developed the citywide MHA zoning proposal the City Council is reviewing.With LPL Financial trying to woo thousands of National Planning Holdings advisors while fending off the long-term threat posed by RIAs, the firm is offering advisors a better deal on its corporate RIA. 1, new advisors joining LPL must have more than million in advisory assets to create their own RIA or to join one using only LPL's separate hybrid platform.Starting next year, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer will assess lower and flattened administrative fees for advisory assets on the platform, LPL Managing Director for National Sales and Consulting Andy Kalbaugh announced in a memo to advisors this week. The two changes go hand in hand, one recruiter says.Our Final EIS includes a Preferred Alternative for implementing MHA in multifamily and commercial zones, urban villages, and urban village expansions studied during the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan process.

To review the proposed legislation, Council formed a select committee so that all Councilmembers can review the MHA legislation in committee.Compliance and technology play a major role in all IBDs’ efforts to stem the flow of advisors and assets to fully independent RIAs, Cerulli Associates says.“Given that advisors who are considering the RIA channel are highly concerned about their compliance responsibilities, compliance support can be a positive differentiator for BDs,” according to a report released last week by the consulting firm. Recruiting and retention remains a paramount concern for LPL.The firm’s headcount has fallen by a net 124 advisors this year to 14,253 ahead of an influx of up to 3,200 NPH advisors from LPL’s recent massive acquisition.The changes unveiled by Kalbaugh, along with bulked-up regulation of smaller RIAs, have changed the equation, Aanes says.“With the new pricing, it’s giving us cause to hit the refresh button and look at the corporate again versus the hybrid,” he says.Risk management services are also causing LPL’s hybrid platform advisors to consider the corporate platform, CEO Dan Arnold said last month.And if they lose people because of it, I think it’s a calculated risk.”BREAKING DOWN THE CHANGESThe price reduction affects the firm’s Strategic Asset Management platform, but it will apply to all advisory assets within the corporate RIA, according to the firm.