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Usually I don't realize that the synchronization failed because I got no error messages. That's why this is really annoying since I only realize weeks after, that my data was not backed up anymore.The question is: What can you do if a roaming profile is not synchronized anymore with the server? If you check the Microsoft knowledge base you will find many possible causes.

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I personally like the GPO option because it allows me to centrally control it, but, it is up to you how you want to deploy it.

Try the following diagnostic: 1) (roaming) user creates something on her desktop 2) user logs out 3) admin checks profiles share--is item now in share?

4) admin deletes local, cached copy of user's profile 5) user logs back in (getting 'clean' copy of roaming profile), deletes item, and logs out.

If user gets a default desktop or a timeout warning, there's a server/network bandwidth problem--consult your network gurus and/or reset your timeout limits. If item appears in step 3 and disappears here normally, then the problem isn't easily reproducible, and you're in for a lot of fun.

I have a network with one W2008 R2 server (AD controller) and 20 Windows10 workstations.

The workstations gradually update to this year W10 (1607) - at the moment 7 of 20 are updated - and immediately after that they stop synchronize user roaming profiles with the server.Those users didn't find the last version of their profile on their new computer because their profile was not updated anymore on the server.Every year or so, I encounter the same problem with my own profile.I didn’t pick the name for the registry key, I just work here. It does state mandatory start menu layouts; however, if you are not using mandatory start menus, you can still test it out in a DEV environment and make sure it works for you.This registry key of course can be deployed via GPO, set in your base image, or baked into your master VDI.This was only happening in our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment.