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"If Google was willing to overpay for it, then someone else would have too. We said it at the time, and three years later, we have been proven right." Martin said that when Google priced You Tube, it should have deducted heavily for the legal liabilities, as well as for the company's ability to draw an audience, if it couldn't offer pirated content. Baskin: What methodology did you use to come up with that number?

"You go back to the reason why You Tube was popular, and it was because of (the 'Saturday Night Live' skit) Lazy Sunday," Martin said. So it was popular because it had access to content that it shouldn't have had and that you couldn't get elsewhere because no one else was willing to put it up illegally...

"(You Tube was) growing quickly with user adoption, growing much faster than Google Video, which was the product that Google had.

And they had indicated to us that they would be sold, and we believed that there would be a competing offer--because of who Google was--paying much more than they were worth...

[break][/break] Several months ago, Online Dating Magazine posted a video of Schmidt from New Girl that featured him doing an online dating profile.

Recently, during a Q&A with the New Girl cast and crew of the popular comedy, Schmidt was asked about his online dating profile video that became popular when it was posted to You Tube.…

Leading up to the acquisition, Schmidt told Google's board of directors that his estimate of You Tube's worth was somewhere between 0 million and 0 million, according to court records reviewed by CNET.

A Google representative declined to comment about Schmidt's valuation.

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"It actually becomes worth the additional value because Google can tie all of its advertising expertise and search traffic into You Tube," Mc Quivey said. Baskin: So you orally communicated to your board during the course of the board meeting that you thought a more correct valuation for You Tube was 0 million to 0 million; is that what you said, sir? Baskin: Can you tell us what reasoning you explained?