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Scott's abilities occasionally do not work consistently and can be severely depleted beyond what has been seen with most other werewolves. When Scott was only a toddler, Rafael divorced Melissa and left the family.

Scott realizes this error in judgment when Theo shows his true colors and attempts to kill him and he earns to make up for his mistake afterwards Scott does his best to be the protector his friends and family believe him to be, but his black and white view of morality is in conflict with the morally gray world he lives in and sometimes results in more harm than good.For example, in being so focused on saving Jackson Whittemore when he was turned into a kanima, not killing him had the consequence of allowing the kanima to claim many more lives while they tried to find a better solution.Scott was willing to kill Peter Hale hoping to cure himself of being a werewolf in season 1, though in later seasons, he strictly advocates for saving people instead, believing killing someone should not be the first option.In a more hypocritical stance, he complained about people not trusting each other to Derek, in that instance about Derek's reasonable position of not trusting the Argents, and proceeded to betray Derek and his pack instead of informing them of his and Deaton's plan to put Gerard away, though he and Derek eventually learned to trust each other before the end of Season 3A.In Season 1 and Season 2, Scott struggles to control his transformations, adapt to his new life, and balance his high school relationships with the help of Stiles and fellow werewolf Derek Hale.

He falls in love with Allison Argent, a member of a werewolf hunter family which becomes a source of drama and turmoil in his life and works to protect his friends and family from a slew of human and supernatural enemies.

Incidents include (but are not limited to): Scott was born to Melissa Mc Call and her husband, Rafael. Stiles Stilinski became Scott's best friend for a significant portion of his life going back as far as grade school. The two would go on, getting into a history of mischief.

Scott had severe asthma that required the use of an inhaler. Scott, at one point in grade school, had a pet dog named Roxy.

The phrase "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" certainly applies to a lot of his faults, but he has worked to overcome some of them as they are pointed out to him.

Scott has all the supernatural abilities and traits of a werewolf, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, senses, an advanced healing factor, pain absorption, and the ability to shift into the normal werewolf form.

Scott recovers from his loss and pulls his fractured pack back together, fully getting back his power and confidence, and vanquishes the resurrected Beast of GĂ©vaudan. However, the pack soon notice that the Wild Hunt is taking people, including Stiles, and erasing them from everyone's memories.