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Dating sites nowadays are mostly full of fake profiles or what so called scammers.

However, it’s also up to you to make sure your contacts are verified as well.If people refuse to have their identity verified here you should ask yourself what they are trying to hide.What's the Use of a Dating ID card License/Meetup ID/ Hookup ID Get Your Free Meetup ID Badge for free!Many people tell Dating ID is nothing but fake or scam, but if you will google search it you will see that most comments and reviews tell that it is will finish their procedure first before they want to meet you ..

and ive done all of procedure they want and yes its true she meet me on the coffee and she explain why they want first to do it .,.

Here are some testimonials of Dating ID users and how they met their date online using the ID. 03, 2018 at pm- I met a girl there with verification process for men..

on the first i didnt believe it coz i know thers a lot of bunch of fake but the truth they are not fake..

Why online dating verification works We take online identity verification seriously.

We do the legwork so you feel confident that people are who they claim they are.

It protects users at all levels of interaction from the first shared email to the time you finally meet face-to-face.