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There are many reasons why the young man may still be in placement other than being adjudicated delinquent for one of the above listed crimes.Police arrested a youth, did not read him his rights, and took him in for questioning without contacting parents.At Compass, we are committed to providing our associates with proper training, support, advancement, and rewards through every stage of their career! Talent Networks enhance your job search and application process.Whether you choose to apply or just leave your information, we look forward to staying connected with you. ANSWER: You are correct under sub-section (a)(2) of section 3122.1 of the PA Crimes Code.

But, if you look at sub-section (a)(1) the time is "four years or older but less than eight years older than the complainant." Under this sub-section the crime is graded as a felony of the 2nd degree.So I was pulled over last year and charged with possession of marijuana in another state. And if I can get the money together and pay off the ticket in the other state right away will it help/ matter for my case in PA?I was told there is a warrant out for my arrest there because I owe a fine, but I have been paying that off over time. ANSWER: It depends what the grading of the out-of-state possession charge is.They gave the youth charges based on a complaint accusing him of retail theft, but the youth did not steal anything, though they assumed he was going to.The parents were called 6 hours later to let them know.If it was dealt with as a summary citation then, no, it will not be considered a second offense.