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I recommend the optional storage cabinet that doubles as 3-level risers.

That way, you can straddle it comfortably while sitting upright with your feet on the floor.

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The Basic Sybian Package comes with two attachments; you buy additional ones separately or as a kit. They vibrate and, using a separate control dial, they can rotate.

It's a different feeling if you're used to thrusting.

You may find, as I did, that it took a half-dozen Sybian encounters to discover just the right combination of position, attachments, and intensities that work for you.

You may find, for example, that you get best results by starting with a non-penetrative attachment and switching to penetration when you're fully aroused.

The study showed that heterosexual men and women looked at the head or chest of an opposite-sex person longer and more often when evaluating dating potential, compared with possible friendship.

Conversely, she said, both men and women looked at legs or feet with greater frequency when they made platonic rather than sexual judgments.“However, men generally looked most at the chest and waist-hip region, of whether they were judging friendship or dating potential,” said Bahns, “while women looked most at the chest and head.And looking at the center of the body—legs, waist, hips, or chest—indicated greater interest for both romance and friendship.Women who looked at the head longer and more often were especially interested in friendship.This new study shows that what people look for in a prospective relationship partner depends on their relational goals.The same person who makes a highly desirable friend may not make a good mate,” said Angela Bahns, the study's coauthor and an assistant professor of psychology at Wellesley.If straddling is uncomfortable for your hips, or if you can't relax that way, you can lie down on your bed with the Sybian between your legs on its power-cord end.