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I'd say even if you take the hentai out, it could still be a game on its own.The H contents are just as good if not the best part.

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There are special monsters throughout the map and dungeons to hunt for loot.

Equipment, items, there are like hundreds combined, it even has built-in encyclopedia.

This is easily a contender for one of the best H-act games ever made, easily standing up there with the likes of witch girl or guild meister. It's long, its difficulty is perfect for everyone and has a ton of content. It's pretty hard to get lost and there's a lot to discover: items, equipment, spots...

I really hope that their next game is like this one, and if it has more content, it will be perfect.

I did like the older guy element to it, but I do have a thing about seeing cute young women getting f*cked by older guys. If you're like me and you have a quirk for this sort of thing then it's worth it.

I hope Alex Project take this theme a stage or a couple of stages further.11/10. Lots of inflation/bote/childbirth game over scenes. Several different enemy types with their own animations and 2p animations. A lot of effort went into making this game and it shows. Horizontal Tab.tabs_hor_3 .resp-tabs-list li:hover i, . Horizontal Tab.tabs_hor_3 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active i . Horizontal Tab.tabs_hor_4 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active, . Horizontal Tab.tabs_hor_4 .resp-tabs-list li:hover, . Horizontal Tab.tabs_hor_5 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active, . Horizontal Tab.tabs_hor_5 .resp-tabs-list li:hover . Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_1 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active . Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_1 .resp-tabs-list li:hover, . Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_2 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active, . The story is rich and things are interconnected in one way or another to make the story entertaining.Characters have personality, from main characters down to some kid at the inn.I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an actual GAME with hentai built into it.