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It is the tallest building of the pueblo and is the center of the religious festivities of the village. The Laguna Pueblo is the largest of the Keresan-speaking Pueblo people; with around 8,000 members.

September 19th is the "Fiesta de San Jose", the "Feast of Saint Joseph", which includes dancing and stalls that sell arts and crafts in the square next to the church. The reservation consists of 500,000 acres of land spanning the counties of Sandoval, Valencia, Bernalillo and Cibola.

He built the new Pueblo in 1699 on the remains of an ancient Native village. He chose a spot on the sandstone buff on the north side of the San Jose River.

Laguna Pueblo is a Native pueblo dating back to 1699.Stop to see the townsite and the historical church. The original name was "Arroyo del Rito" (Brook of the Spring), and also Rio Cubero (after the Spanish Governor, Cubero in the 1690s). Joseph), probably due to the image of that saint that the King of Spain gave to the Acoma Pueblo people in 1629. South of New Laguna is a temporary lake which forms when the San Jose River floods.And it built the Laguna station one mile north of the Indian Pueblo.

The accessibility by rail brought tourists interested in the Native cultures of the Southwest.They settled along the San Jose River and at Puagana on the south shore of Laguna Lake. The Keresan people also occupied Acoma which very close, to the south of the river.The first Europeans to visit this region were the Spanish of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado's expedition in 1540. Later, when they finally annexed the area to their American Colonies in 1598, they subjected the Pueblo people by force and established missions to convert them to Catholicism.Visit the Casa Blanca Commercial Center with typical handicrafts of the Laguna people such as pottery with geometric designs in yellow, orange and red colors.The annual feast of Saint Joseph which takes place on March 19th and again on Sep. includes not only celebrations and dancing but also sporting events.In 1926, Route 66 was aligned along the "Old National Trails" which linked Gallup, Grants and Laguna with Los Lunas and Albuquerque.