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" NVPC's 2015 Corporate Giving Survey showed that four in five companies here have given time or money to disadvantaged people, and one in two has organised volunteering activities for employees.

While she is on her first date, the app keeps her posted on the upcoming one. Finding the right match of skills, resources and interests can be quite a feat on the burgeoning charity scene.Yesterday, some 250 companies tried to find "the one" from more than 30 charities and non-profit organisations in The Giving Marketplace, an event at The Arts House.This speed dating concept works because Singapore has so many charities and both sides need to understand each other's needs and goals." Mr Daniel Ong, head of corporate partnership at Care Corner, said neither he nor his colleagues had first date jitters when they met people from multiple companies."We try our best to help them get to know us and will leave things to develop naturally," he added.Competition was stiff and Nike turned down eight of the 10 invitations to meet, owing to a mismatch in interest and schedule.

But AMKFSC got lucky and scored a date with Nike a little after 2pm yesterday.

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Mr Victor Chua, speed dating events all the rage singapore, who runs his own excursion operations big business, lost his wife seven years before when she was knocked down before a hgv, leaving at the back their daughter, who was just lone then.

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