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Chloe’s abusive ex-husband has been in prison for years, but when she hears that he is being released on probation, she takes their teenage daughter Olivia and flees to the only place she can think of, her small hometown.

Once there, she must face with the obstacles that made her leave in the first place.

She eventually returned, decided to give Reese a second chance, and took her back with her to France to work on their relationship once again — off screen.“They weren’t putting the breaks on with the kissing — they were how a couple would be,” notes Fairman.

“Now, that being said, commendable that they did a same-sex wedding, commendable that they did their research, commendable that they did it.

He’s now ready to do anything to reunite his family.

Miranda gives chase, and uncovers secrets from her own childhood to discover what Luke’s plan is, to confront him and take back her abducted daughter.

This was the definitive criticism of the Bianca character — that she was always romantically involved “While stringing out romantic storylines for maximum drama is appropriate and even expected in daytime television,” Warn wrote when Riegel departed the show in 2005, “it is also expected that, eventually, star-crossed couples get together.

With Bianca’s love interests, the payoff never really came.”In response, AMC cast an established daytime actress, Tamara Braun, as Reese, and the resulting “Breese” was groundbreaking for featuring the first same-sex marriage proposal, the first lesbian love scene, as well as the first same-sex wedding and marriage (and then the first same-sex annulment) on an American soap opera. Although initially portrayed as a confident lesbian woman, Reese suddenly became part of that stale pattern of sexually confused lesbians.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s ex is determined to find them and implement his ultimate plan: a life with their daughter, and with Chloe out of the picture forever. Paramedic Miranda faces an emergency of her own when her 8-year-old daughter Angie is kidnapped by Miranda’s estranged father Luke.

While Angie is never in physical danger, Luke is dangerous to others, and has killed in the past.

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