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Whatever your normal hours may be, they’re totally different to someone on the other side of the world.

On top of that, many people likely want to visit your website after their normal business hours are finished and they have the free time.

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Otherwise, customers will leave angry, dissatisfied, and ultimately find a competitor who offers them the support they want and expect. "We have been using Desk Moz over a year and a half. Thanks Desk Moz Unlike our competitors, our chat agents behave like humans, not bots.Overall, Desk Moz has done very good job in covering our live chat 24/7. We know that for your business, customer engagement is an important key to success.The communication with the team that support our site is very fast & flawless. We manufacturer and distribute GPS Pet Tracking device w/ mobile i OS/Android app. Our agents are trained to get the visitors’ contact details without sounding like bots.Now, it’s time to sit back and watch your bot answer questions all by itself.

Whenever you’re away, your bot will continue providing friendly customer support 24/7. If your bot doesn’t recognize a question, it will transfer the conversation to a live agent – seamlessly.You first thought is probably something along the lines of “I have customer service agents manning live chat during normal business hours!” In the online space, normal business hours don’t exist.24/7 chat means your customer can get their issues addressed immediately.4. Maybe you’re finding that you’re overwhelmed with live chat inquiries.This doesn’t mean you take away live chat for certain/all customers — it means you need to find the root of the issue.Maybe your product is too complicated or has a glaring bug– figure out where the majority of issues stem from, and work on resolving those, thus lessening the volume of requests that you receive.5.