Updating hyper space invader

The mechanics remain largely unchanged, but there are some nice variations on the original, such as the Color Clearance mode.The idea behind these modes -- be it two-player or four, is to earn more points than the person one is playing against.

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But is it all Gameplay Asteroids Hyper 64 plays, believe it or not, like the classic Asteroids of years ago. Developer Syrox has opted to recreate the game in its original 2D style, adding in polygonal foreground asteroids, ships, explosions and the like.The action itself has remained virtually unchanged.And whereas Activision's update to Space Invaders for Nintendo 64 injected a whole new level of strategy into the title, Asteroids Hyper 64 still features the exact mechanics of old, adding no real depth or new functionality.Aim, shoot, destroy -- over and over and over again.Only the most hardcore Asteroids fanatics will resist the temptation to turn the game off after 35 levels of virtually the same thing.

Multiplayer Asteroids Hyper 64 enables up to four players to shoot it out in various contests for points and it must be said, these modes are generally fun and much more addictive than the single-player action.

The quality is not impressive and the lack of music is definitely noticeable right off the bat.

Probably not a wise decision of Syrox as the end result is more awkward than anything else. The second of Nintendo 64's holiday season retro titles has arrived.

Sound Oddly enough, developer Syrox has opted to take a retro route with the music and sound effects in the game.

So, we've got no in-game music and old-school sounding effects.

Space Invaders did it for Nintendo 64 and that title features much more on-screen action than Asteroids Hyper.