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te installeren, zodat beide scanners elkaar niet bijten. In het verleden probeerde Adaware wel onnodige software aan de man te brengen.

Handig is dat als je al een andere virusscanner hebt je kunt kiezen om Adaware als tweede beschermingslaag te installeren.(klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere weergave) De updates van Adaware zijn gratis en automatisch. Verder heeft Adaware antivirus downloadbescherming, een sandbox om potentiële malware eerst virtueel te analyseren en een gaming mode.Pages and businesses who use these “engagement bait” tactics can expect to see a significant drop in their reach.Facebook made it clear that posts that are authentic, such as asking for advice, promoting awareness of a missing child, or raising money for a good cause, will not be affected by this update.Pages who have been deemed trustworthy from these surveys may see an increase in distribution, while Pages that were not voted as trustworthy will likely see a drop in distribution and audience reach.

In this newest update, Publishers and marketers may find themselves rethinking their social strategy or scale it back altogether.

Facebook is hoping that this update will create a more immersive experience for its users and the content they share within the news feed.

Recent updates this month greatly affected everyone’s News Feed, with the most recent update putting a focus on broadly trusted news sources.

Little is known about this update or how, exactly, it will work, but users can expect to see and share 3D photos in their status updates over the next few months.

Facebook is already compatible with 360 degree photos, so this new feature shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Users not only want to stay in touch with family and friends, but they also want to stay informed on what’s happening within their local communities.