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The site also offers various financial and educational tools to help you improve your credit rating.

Founded in 2007 by CEO Kenneth Lin, the company is privately held and has received several rounds of venture capital.

This is what is known as lodging or submitting a dispute.” When submitting a dispute, it is important to provide the credit bureau with as much supporting documentation as possible to prove that the disputed information on your credit report should be removed.

A lack of supporting documentation can result in a delay in resolving the issue.

Information contained in a credit report is provided to the various credit bureaus by various service providers such as, but not limited to, financial institutions, retail stores, insurers and cell phone companies. Consumers who regularly check their credit report are in a better position to make sure their report accurately reflects their credit history and behaviour.

Then, if you find a mistake or information you don’t agree with, you can immediately take the matter up with the credit bureau.

This is particularly necessary before applying for credit to purchase a big-ticket item such as a home, car or furniture; or even before applying for a credit card or to increase your credit limit on any of your existing accounts.

According to the latest available Credit Bureau Monitor, just less than 0.4% of the over 23-million credit active consumers obtained a free copy of their credit reports in the three months reviewed by the Monitor.

Many consumers are unaware that the information in their credit report is inaccurate until it is too late – when they are either refused credit for which they have applied; or when the credit provider offers them credit on less favourable terms than they would otherwise have received.

A simple solution to the problem was to check your credit report regularly.

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