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Such a theater, which can be moved to any location in the city – a pit of Federation Tower, in House of Stage Veterans or a hypermarket Leroy Merlin during the nighttime.During the years of existence of the "Living Spaces" workshop, it proves that any place in the city can become a new territory of the theater.

During the ten years of festival’s existence, the audience saw plays, exhibitions, the best world theaters’ and teams’ performances: Rimini Protokoll, Dimitris Papaioannou, Josef Nadj, Chunky move, Schilling Árpád, Romeo Castellucci, Sidi Larbi Scherkaoui, Falk Richter and Akram Khan.

Today these names have already become classics of world performing art, and many of them were opened for the Russian audience just by the festival.

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The main goal of the festival-school TERRITORY has always been the unification of professionals of theater, dance, fine and music art and creation of the show, which would acquaint visitors with the most relevant performing arts of different genres.

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For the first time the festival declares itself not only as a review, but also as a school of contemporary art.

There were no analogues of such a festival in Russia until the appearance of "Territory".

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The project was fully initiated and produced by the festival.