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Vee Vaidate makes validation simple via it’s APIs and directives.

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You can fork this starter if you intend to follow along.If the following image is what you see on the pen’s result, then we are good to move on: The starter has Bootstrap added, so we don’t have to write heavy CSS for basic layout and styles.This is actually intentional because that’s how the Vue library is kept simple and small.There’s nothing wrong with writing your validation logic with just Java Script, but Vee Validate makes it a lot simpler as we will see.Vee Validate allows you to write custom validation rules and messages in different ways but the most common pattern is an object with DEMO We’ve covered almost all the aspects of form validation you might need while creating your own forms in Vue, such as rules, messages, and visual vues.

You should now be able to imagine the lines of code you would have to write if you had to build a custom implementation for your validation logic.It’s a Vue plugin, hence we need to configure Vue to be aware of its existence: Vue plugin.We can now start using the plugin’s APIs and directives in our Vue app.When you’re done reading this piece, you should be able to validate all the basic HTML form controls, render errors with messages and visual cues, create custom validation rules, and more.All our examples will be on Codepen, so you can always head right into the demo and see things for yourself.Rules Validation rules are instructions that must be adhered to for form values to be acceptable. Rule strings are values passed to the string value is wrapped in single quotes, notwithstanding the double quotes that follow the directive. An email field could be required, and must also be a valid email: , etc are examples of in-built rules. But what good is it, if all we do is keep quiet when a form control is invalid?