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Development began in 1996, as a Windows 95 clone project, and was continued as React OS in 1998, with the incremental addition of features of later Windows versions.React OS has been noted as a potential open-source drop-in replacement for Windows The main goal of the React OS project is to provide an operating system which is binary compatible with Windows ...

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Direct X support is undertaken through React X, an in-house implementation.2D hardware-accelerated rendering is done natively, while other drawing functionality is redirected to Open GL as a stopgap solution.On 21 February 2014, fundraising ended short of the target amount, with ,965 of 0,000 raised, resulting in no transferred money.In April 2014, the React OS project announced an Indiegogo campaign to launch React OS Community Edition, a version of React OS based on the 0.4 release.The revived project sought to duplicate the functionality of Windows NT. While the term "OS" stood for operating system, the term "react" referred to the group's dissatisfaction with – and reaction to – Microsoft's monopolistic position.

Comparing this function to disassembled binaries from Windows XP, Birr argued that the Bad Stack function was simply copy-pasted from Windows XP, given that they were identical.

React OS is primarily written in C, with some elements, such as React OS File Explorer, written in C .

The project partially implements Windows API functionality and has been ported to the AMD64 processor architecture.

Though the audit was completed, specific details were not made public as it was only an internal effort to ensure compliance with the project's own policies.

Much of the assembly code that was allegedly copied has also been replaced as a natural progression in React OS development, with developers having reimplemented the functionality in C for portability reasons.

Around 1996, a group of free and open-source software developers started a project called Free Win95 to implement a clone of Windows 95.