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They look quite perfect together despite this 10 year age difference.

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When it comes to Marisa Tomei and men, it seems that she has a variant taste. Let's talk in detail about their love affairs and married life, just stay with us.We all know that this 51-year-old American actress was once engaged to Logan Marshall but she broke her engagement and currently, she is dating Josh Radnor. Marisa and Logan met while working on a New York theater project. But, their relationship was not stable as it frequently went on and off.Is it true that she has never been married and doesn’t want kids? Read on to learn more about this wickedly talented actress.Marisa is a New York City girl that was born and raised in Brooklyn.That’s why her relationship with Josh is running very smoothly.

We hope this couple’s love never dies and Marisa finally blesses her fans with her wedding news very soon.Tomei’s dating history involves a lot of ups and downs, which has been well documented by tabloids around the world. On 2004, she was rumored to be dating Lenny Kravitz but the relationship was never confirmed by either of the pair on news tabloids across the world. The couple started dating on the late 2006 but split up on 2008.Logan Marshall Green almost became Marisa Tomei husband on 2013.Her appearance on My Cousin Winny, led her back into fame as she obtained an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role.Marisa Tomei bio indicates her date of birth to be the 4th of December, 1964.In 2009, Marisa told Manhattan Magazine that she is not a big fan of marriage as an institution and she does not like the idea of having children just to be a complete human being.