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If you do not have Photoshop or simply wish to take advantage of these filters, exploring the infinite Windlight settings can prove to be a most enjoyable distraction.

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this is relatively normal and indicates that you need to move some sliders to the left.

If you do not crash, congratulations, you are good to go!

clouds are moving, sun is setting, a dance is ongoing, eyes are blinking etc.) Do not be surprised if your computer crashes after taking a series of snapshots — this is, sadly, normal, although becoming less frequent.

Windlight are atmosphere settings (like filters), modifying water, sky and the environs.

Experiment with the sliders on the Advanced Editors — particularly Sky.

There are three tabs of settings to explore — atmosphere, lighting and clouds.

Once you have created your masterpiece, publish your photo on the web or upload into SL.

If you upload your photo into SL, be mindful of the photo size and ratio. 2048 x 1024 vs 512 x 256), the longer the image will take to load when placed on a prim or in a book.

Find a quiet place to experiment with how modifying each aspect affects your view.

Don’t forget the Sun/Moon Position settings on the Advanced Sky Editor’s Lighting tab for even more tweaking.

There are also very creative posing balls specifically for photography use.